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A Champion for Every Neighborhood

"Growing up in a working-class family, I know how important it is for local government to provide public services reliably and efficiently. From keeping taxes low to protecting vital services that help families make ends meet, I will always vote with you in mind."

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Financial Empowerment

Protecting the hard-earned money of working families is crucial to ensuring the success of residents. In my own city, I created a Financial Empowerment Center and I plan to grow this program county-wide to support the financial success of our community members.

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing is a pressing concern faced by counties nationwide. Housing is more than shelter; it provides a quality of life and stability. Partnerships focused on expanding housing options, in collaboration with organizations and stakeholders, are vital to addressing this challenge.

Brighter Communities

Investing in sustainable infrastructure and walkable communities will lead to better air quality and happier, healthier neighborhoods. Working with cities to ensure more access to public transit, bicycle infrastructure, and accessible sidewalks creates a safer, stronger county.

Greener Future

Climate change is happening here and now, and we're running out of time to act. We must take bold action now to preserve the Great Salt Lake and prevent ecological collapse. By preserving and expanding parks and recreation areas in our valley, we can create sustainable, climate-resilient communities that benefit us and future generations.

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