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Working Toward a Brighter South Salt Lake: Vote Natalie by November 21st

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Working Toward a Brighter South Salt Lake

"Growing up in a working-class family, I witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of cities that provide support and assistance to those in need. Since 2019, I have worked to ensure that all families receive the same level of support and assistance that I was fortunate enough to receive. From fiscal responsibility, protecting neighborhoods, to creating new municipal services, I always work and vote with you in mind."

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Walkable Community

Fewer cars on the road is better for our air quality and more walkable communities lead to happier, healthier, and a more connected South Salt Lake. Ensuring areas have safe and accessible sidewalks and maintaining them is crucial to this.

Safety For All

Nothing is more important than keeping our community safe. Police officers play a critical role in reducing gun violence but they can't do it alone. To prevent violence before it happens and reduce the burden on police officers so they can focus on violent crime, cities need resources to invest in community violence intervention, mental health, and addiction treatment.

Greener Future

Climate change is happening here and now, and we're running out of time to act. Many cities around South Salt Lake help to control the permit cost for installing solar panels. South Salt Lake would greatly benefit from a similar program as well as offering discounts to solar inspections and other ways to help encourage the use of solar energy.

Economic Responsibility

Protecting the hard-earned money of working families is crucial to ensuring the success of South Salt Lake residents. In my last term I created the Financial Empowerment Center and plan to grow more opportunities to support the financial success of our community members. I also voted against an unnecessary tax increase to help keep money in our pockets.

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